Our Governance Structure

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In order to achieve its mission and address the complexity of its various areas of intervention, GHI has engaged a full time Board of Governors (BOG), Executive Director and Advisory Committee each with its specific defined responsibilities.

A board reflects the collective efforts of individuals who advance the organizational mission and vision.
People in the Board are expected to apply their knowledge, experience and expertise to the major challenges facing Green Household Initiatives (GHI).
GHI ensures a balance in its Board based on its main activities which are not limited to program marketing, education (training and development), fund-raising, management and international networking.
The BOG mandate runs for three years before re-elections and their responsibilities are not limited to providing guidance, control and directing the management of GHI in order to achieve its overall objectives It’s main responsibilities include planning; handling personnel matters.
  • Develops the best strategies towards the realization of the program’s mission,
  • Approves both the short and long term plans for the organization,
  • Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of the program,
  • Approves M&E systems and reviews their results.
Personnel matters:
  • Hires the organizational chief officer (CEO),
  • Conducts the formal annual performance appraisal of the CEO,
  • Approves salary scales and job descriptions for the other staff members who are hired by the CEO,
  • Approves the personnel policies for the organization.
  • Approves budget for the program and spending reports submitted to them on regular basis.
Working with the current BOG the Director is expected to:
Refine GHI Vision: To keep all the stakeholders focused, motivated and enthusiastic about their responsibilities and what is expected from them. The incumbent assists GHI to refine the existing vision; and help the stakeholders in understanding and matching GHI objectives to the Vision,
Lead, control and Manage: The incumbent
  • Outlines the organizational tasks that need to be fulfilled,
  • Hires and manages the support staff, motivate employees by being inspiring and remaining optimistic even when faced with challenges,
  • Allocates the necessary resources and supplies needed by the staff to accomplish their tasks successfully on time,
  • Advocates and embraces changes,
  • Set high standards and serves as a role model through living by the set standards,
  • Ensures staff performance are matched to the organizational goals,
  • Evaluates the achieved results to ensure that they are in line with the planned activities,
  • Represents the organization in workshops and international forums as and when required by the Board,
  • Advises and reports to the Board on the organizational operations.
These are Individuals with specific expertise selected as committee members to oversee timely implementation of project activities as per schedules. The committee provides the Board with information and advice to understand difficulty and complex issues within the program.
Members are drawn from the GHI founders, Government and other NGOs.
Support staffs are recruited based on project need and availability of finances for the on-going projects. Staff will work on renewable contract basis; the length of each contract is governed by the corresponding project requirements and financial support available.
Volunteers are also recruited on need-based.