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Education is key to achieving the millennium development goals. We enhance sustainable educational access to all.


Technical Training

At GHI we believe that education is key to achieving the Millennium Development Goals for all. GHI enhances sustainable educational access to ALL through:

  • Providing educational leadership and advocacy to expand educational opportunities;
  • Addressing the socio-economic challenges and build capacity in schools especially in ICT;
  • Triggering long-term systemic changes in the education system;
  • Advocate for the dedication of more education resources to the less endowed schools and communities by the government.
  • Creating Participatory Network strategies embedded into support-programmes to mobilize the full range of community members through addressing two key areas: Educational inequity and high school drop-out rates.

Key Area of Intervention:

GHI is focused at enhancing equal education access and future career growth opportunities for ALL children in Kenya. A research done by GHI indicates that educational inequity is cyclical in nature and requires a systematic long-term approach. To address the identified root causes to the problem GHI has partnered with TEACH FOR ALL to adopt and develop the Teach For All model in Kenya. The model aims at employing a participatory approach through selecting and recruiting top- performing University graduates from all disciplines and career interests into the education system to teach for two years and to become leaders, within all sectors, in the fight to end educational inequity.

A survey done by GHI indicated that there is a high child drop-out rate and lack of support for children especially those orphaned as a result of parents infected with HIV & AIDS, lack of school financial support to the vulnerable good-performers to join higher learning institutions among others. GHI looks forward to providing both material and financial support to the vulnerable students to realize their full academic potentials.

The current trend in technology development requires that Teachers need to be ICT compliant. There is an ICT gap especially among the old generation Teachers. GHI approach is that an informed Teacher is the key to improving student classroom attendance and concentration.

Our Projects for Education: