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We integrate environmental and social responsibility into project activities.



Access to energy is central to human development goals

GHI integrates environmental and social responsibility project activities

At GHI we believe that access to energy is central to human development goals (water provision, education, health and food processing) and it’s now becoming eminent that the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 will be compromised if the current energy access in the developing countries is not addressed.

This creates the need for Parties and Governments to invest in energy; which should be done in a sustainable manner. Africa is a developing continent and boasts of abundant natural resources necessary for generation of clean, affordable and sustainable energy but lack of awareness, innovativeness and skills has hampered the dissemination of these treasures.

This has resulted to continued energy poverty and underdevelopment. GHI seeks to address this untapped potential in order to spar economic development among the rural communities and institutions in the Sub‐Saharan Africa.

To achieve this GHI integrates environmental and social responsibility project activities which are replicable, scalable and have learning effects to the local communities and institutions.

We focus on

Promote energy efficiency measures at household and institutional levels

Creation and promotion of renewable sources of energy and the associated products at households, schools, hospitals and Government institutions levels, Adopt a business approach model _ (fabrication and marketing of improved cookstoves, briquettes, biomass pellets etc);

Work with the farmers in processing agricultural waste end products into useful energy products

Partnerships with other development organizations within the country in promoting access to clean energy, among others.

Our Projects for Energy Access: